The Infinite Dial

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Infinite Dial Book

Some of today’s radio jobs will be virtually extinct 10 years from now. Individual station “pipelines” will become increasingly less valuable — much sooner than you probably expect.

How will you compete with a radio dial that is infinitely long, in a marketplace that offers consumers more choices than they can possibly take advantage of?

What radio stations will survive and prosper? What must stations do to survive?

Larry Rosin, radio visionary and President of Edison Media Research, gives you specific suggestions on how to prepare now to ensure that your station and your career will thrive.


You Will Learn About:

  • Retronyms — Why you need to know what this word means and how it affects your radio station
  • The Long Tail and Radio
  • How radio can thrive in an On-Demand World
  • The misguided (and potentially deadly) belief that radio is invulnerable to competition from new technologies
  • Preparing for Stage Three of the Internet: It will be as critical to the radio industry as Stage Two has been to the recording industry.
  • Why we need to claim ownership of new technological disruptions (rather than try to ignore them)
  • The recent, radical drops in at-work radio listening and in-home radio listening
  • Change of emphasis from “the format” to “the show”
  • Why radio can and should control (and profit from) the podcasting tide
  • One simple podcast idea that any radio station could run with tomorrow — making money from the very first day
  • Why your station needs to control the audience’s online audio searches
  • Why radio’s time-honored value of “Consistency” might have to change drastically
  • Why there probably will be a re-emergence of the importance of the “DJ”
  • Why we need not only to embrace change but to bring change to our listeners
  • Why radio stations need to focus less on their platform and more on their content
  • Why small market radio actually has greater Internet opportunities than large market stations

While The Infinite Dial is “an easy read,” it’s for serious radio professionals only.