Fundamentals Of Radio Programming

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Fundamentals Of Radio Programming by Randy MichaelsFormer Clear Channel CEO Randy Michaels shares his insights from running the biggest radio company in the world. In this book you are effectively getting Randy to coach you, helping you to do your very best as a PD.

Any savvy music programmer will immediately recognize Randy’s advice about “B” songs alone as being worth a hundred times the price of this book.

Randy shares some extremely sophisticated, ratings-enhancing music scheduling techniques. Sophisticated, but not difficult. You don’t need a degree in statistics to understand and apply Randy’s methods.

So, What Other Insights Does Randy Share?

  •  Your Station’s Most Important Asset. (No, it’s not some squishy-soft concept like, “Your people.” It’s the very first thing Randy looks at when considering acquiring a new station.)
  • The reconnaissance you should do on your very first day in a new market. (But because you probably never did it in your own market, you should do this for your own station tomorrow.)
  • Scientific Research vs. Golden Ears
  • The “chaotic science” of radio programming
  • How radio is underexploiting its opportunities
  • The #1 function of a PD. (Most PDs don’t even have a clue….)
  • The one thing you must give your air staff if they’re to succeed
  • The mistake of over-catering to your core audience
  • Researching beyond your core audience
  • The one thing your music clock must do
  • The single most common mistake stations make in programming their music
  • The key to successful promotion without a large budget
  • Why Competitive Research is important to your station
  • How stations write “liners” that attempt to sell a message — but then play them in a way that unsells it

As you can see, Randy doesn’t hold back and this book really does ‘dig deep’ in to what makes radio really work.